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Emergency Appointments

Affordable Private Dentistry You Can Trust

NO emergency Appointment fees are charged! 

You pay for just the treatment you have done.

Emergency Appointments are available daily Monday to Friday.

Please ring at 9 am to see availability for the day.


There are many causes of toothache. The reason of the toothache needs to be diagnosed. Common causes are decay, broken teeth, Abcess, loose teeth, grinding, gum or mouth irritation and pulp damage. Once the cause is diagnosed the treatment can be delivered  to get you out of toothache.


Taking a tooth out is required if the tooth cannot be saved because it is decayed beyond repair, broken too much, or loose due to gum disease.
A simple extraction is £100,
A difficult extraction can be £125
Or if it needs taking out surgically then it can cost from £150.


Recement means gluing back in. Sometimes dental crowns, bridges or Veneers come out and need to recemented back in.

Recementing a crown can cost from £50.

Recementing a bridge will cost more from £75 to £100.


An abcess or infection causes pain and swelling. If left untreated it can cause serious jaw  problems.
A typical consultation and prescription for antibiotics costs £35


The cavity (or hole) may be filled with a white filling. If it is very big the cavity may need to be filled with something more stronger or crowned.

Composite white fillings cost between £85 to £150 depending on size and position of tooth.

Broken tooth

Teeth can break due to trauma or from decay. Existing Fillings can break, be loose or fall out.  The size of the missing portion of tooth will determine whether the tooth came be simply filled, or something more stronger like an inlay or crown is needed. The best option will be discussed in how to restore the tooth to look like it was before the tooth broke.

White Fillings start from £85

Crowns start from £ 375

Inlays start from £ 325

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment is nerve treatment. It is done to help save a tooth that would otherwise have to be taken out.
cost vary between £295 to £450. This depends of whether the tooth has 1, 2 or 3+ nerve canals.

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